Crossword Puzzle

Biology puzzle by Marco Vazquez


  1. the process where a cell changes from one cell type to another. ... Differentiation occurs numerous times during the development of a multicellular organism as it changes from a simple zygote to a complex system of tissues and cell types. (differentiation)
  2. a part of your body that performs a specific function (organ)
  3. they may cause cells to divide at a faster than normal rate, which could increase the chances that DNA changes will occur. (carcinogens)
  4. a microscopic single-celled organism that has neither a distinct nucleus with a membrane nor other specialized organelles. (prokaryote)
  5. an organism consisting of a cell or cells in which the genetic material is DNA in the form of chromosomes contained within a distinct nucleus. (eukaryote)
  6. All known living things are made up of one or more cells. All living cells arise from pre-existing cells by division. (celltheory)
  7. division of a cell into two daughter cells with the same genetic material. (celldivision)


  1. Grow Make proteins Maintain homeostasis (interphase)
  2. 1 cell becomes 2 identical daughter cells in this phase (mitosis)
  3. The division of the cytoplasm into two individual cells. (cytokinesis)
  4. programmed cell death. (apoptosis)
  5. uncontrolled cell division (cancer)
  6. cancer cells can breakaway from the tumor & be carried to other parts of the body/organs & form more tumors (tumors)
  7. cells that can differentiate into other types of cells (stemcells)


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