Crossword Puzzle

How Did Time Management Affect Titanic


  1. who responded to Titanic's SOS first? (thecarpathia)
  2. how many pieces did the Titanic split into? (two)
  3. how many hours did it take The Carpathia to reach Titanic? (four)


  1. the boat was built to move faster when moving ___ (forward)
  2. the sinking lasted almost ___ hours (three)
  3. Titanic was traveling 22.5 knots, just ___ of a knot below max speed (onehalf)
  4. the men ___ fuel instead of stopping the engines (added)
  5. the day of the month that the Titanic sank (fourteenth)
  6. lifeboats were floating in open water for over one ___ before being rescued (hour)

["distracted", "april", "six", "brokenin", "react", "midnight", "ten", "fifteen", "thirty", "five", "morning"]

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