Crossword Puzzle

Thing 1...Thing 2


  1. 03/16/2019 (babyshower)
  2. Jay (father)
  3. Mamas bestfriend (pacifier)
  4. Where babies waste goes (diaper)
  5. Worn under baby's clothes (onesie)


  1. Ambra will be getting very little of this when the babies arrive. (sleep)
  2. Ambra (mother)
  3. Month Thing1 & Thing2 will be here (may)
  4. Glass or Plastic (bottle)
  5. Similac Or Enfamil (formula)
  6. Used to clean babies bottoms (wipes)
  7. Sucked by baby (nipple)
  8. Cervix becomes dilated (labor)
  9. They go on baby's feet to keep them warm (booties)

["twins", "nolan", "nehemiah", "jaleel", "malachi", "bowie", "carseat"]

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