Crossword Puzzle



  1. I smuggled bibles into communist China (brenenstahl)
  2. I swam with sharks in the Great Barrier Reef (beck)


  1. I was a real runaway bride, left my husband to be at the alter (mallet)
  2. I grew up as part of a pit crew team for a dirt oval track race team. (savell)
  3. I like to go on motorcycle rides (jablonski)
  4. I have partied and hung out with the bands Judas Priest, Heart, Gloria Estefan and Diana Ross (phillips)
  5. I once rollerbladed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Rockford, Illinois (120 miles) (eliason)

["wise", "brewer", "boyd", "maybon", "brown", "bushnell", "tillemans", "eagle", "hoffman", "hill"]

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