Crossword Puzzle

ch 7 vocab


  1. highest mountain in Greece, home of the Greek gods according to myth (mountolympus)
  2. system of symbols representing sounds (alphabet)
  3. ruler of the Greek Gods (zeus)
  4. stories that people tell to explain beliefs about their world (myths)
  5. long poems about a hero's adventures (epics)
  6. short story that usually involves animals and teaching a moral (fable)
  7. Greek word for city-state (polis)
  8. enslaved people of Sparta (helots)


  1. body of land nearly surrounded by water (peninsula)
  2. peninsula that forms southern part of Greece (peloponnesus)
  3. strip of land that connects two landmasses (isthmus)
  4. people of Southwest Asian who began trade around 1100 B.C. (phoenicians)
  5. games held every four years (olympics)
  6. city-state of ancient Greece, noted for its militarism (sparta)
  7. belief in may gods and goddesses (polytheism)

["aristocracy", "oligarchy", "tyrant", "democracy", "ostracize", "athens", "barracks", "marathon", "supreme", "citizen"]

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