Crossword Puzzle

A Tale of Two Cities Crossword Puzzle


  1. What is the name of Book the First? (recalledtolife)
  2. A peasant who killed the Marquis out of revenge (gaspard)
  3. review of the past (retrospect)
  4. Darnay was imprisoned in this French prison (laforce)
  5. Jerry Cruncher secretly robbed ______ (graves)
  6. The “Golden Thread” refers to this character (lucie)
  7. What did Mrs. Cruncher do that angered Mr. Cruncher? (pray)
  8. Darnay was tried for _______ (treason)
  9. City in France (paris)


  1. Darnay travels to France to save this man (gabelle)
  2. This woman is a loyal servant to the Manette family (misspross)
  3. The author of “A Tale of Two Cities” (charlesdickens)
  4. The code name that identifies a person as a fellow revolutionary (jacques)
  5. friendly, peaceable (amicable)
  6. cleverness, wisdom (sagacity)
  7. Sacrifices himself at the end of the novel (sydneycarton)
  8. Before the execution, Carton comforts a __________ by holding her hand (seamstress)
  9. Gaspard writes this word on the wall using spilled wine (blood)

["solomonpross", "soliloquy", "admonish", "shoemaking", "proposing", "foulon", "evrémonde", "eighteen", "rogercly", "jackal", "wine", "madamedefarge", "london", "bank", "charlesdarnay", "knits", "thevengeance", "northtower", "fifteen", "letter", "bastille", "jarvislorry"]

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