Crossword Puzzle

Genetics Vocabulary Exercises


  1. describes how different genes independently separate from one another (lawofindependentassortment)


  1. Cell division that creates two daughter cells (mitosis)
  2. Cell division that creates four daughter cells (meiosis)
  3. Characteristic (trait)
  4. Study of heredity (genetics)
  5. bred from same breed (purebred)
  6. states that production of gametes the two copies of each hereditary factor segregate so that offspring acquire one factor from each parent. (lawofsegregation)
  7. sequence of nucleotides (gene)
  8. Alternative form of a gene (allele)
  9. Identical gene (homozygous)
  10. not identical (heterozygous)
  11. Haploid set of chromosomes (genome)
  12. genetic makeup of a cell (genotype)

["phenotype", "dominanttrait", "recessivetrait", "heredity", "punnettsquare", "probability"]

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