Crossword Puzzle

Jimmy's Puzzle


  1. It's a nice day for a __________ (whitewedding)
  2. Marie's favourite tea (tetley)
  3. The First grandchild (rhea)
  4. Your drink of choice (rum)
  5. All you need is ____ (love)
  6. A sweet sounding instrument (guitar)
  7. A favourite meal (driedfish)
  8. The cold Atlantic (ocean)
  9. Floral emblem of Newfoundland (pitcherplant)
  10. Fit as a ______ (fiddle)
  11. Things you pickle (pepperoni)


  1. Capital of Nova Scotia (halifax)
  2. The 'original' candy (werthers)
  3. The water you will find at Marie's (nestle)
  4. Where your home is (muddyhole)
  5. Where you once worked (hydro)
  6. Newfoundland's nickname (therock)
  7. ___ Pie (NL dish) (flipper)
  8. Black Spruce is the Provincial ____ (tree)
  9. Hab's goalie (price)
  10. Local health centre (calder)
  11. Golden grandpup (rocky)

["irishspring", "nachos", "hardbutter"]

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