Crossword Puzzle

Computer 9


  1. ADO.NET does not hold a connection to the database and does not automatically send updates back to the database. (disconnectedrecordset)


  1. used to generate text files. (notepad)
  2. used as a storage or collection of data. (database)
  3. building a dummy system that is a replica of the final output. (prototyping)
  4. the interface of your application. (userinterface)
  5. reads the next line of characters. (readline)
  6. windows file that has the extension of .txt (textfile)
  7. model used by .NET applications to communicate with data set for retrieving, accessing, and updating data. (adonet)
  8. describes Spinal Model as ultimate evolution from the waterfall. (jameschapman)
  9. a simple text format for a database table. (commaseparatedvalue)

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