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Chapter 3.1/3.2 Vocab


  1. division among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government (seperationofpowers)
  2. idea (concept)
  3. the authority of a court to rule on certain cases (jurisdiction)
  4. an underlying doctrine or assumption (principle)


  1. one of 7 main divisions of the body of the Constitution (article)
  2. rejection of a bill (veto)
  3. system in which power is divided between the national and state governments (federalism)
  4. forceful, energetic (dynamic)
  5. change to the constitution (amendment)
  6. rule by the people (popularsovereignty)
  7. powers directly stated in the Constitution (expressedpowers)
  8. power of the Supreme Court to declare laws and actions of local, state, or national governments unconstitutional (judicialreview)
  9. way of doing (procedure)

["enumeratedpowers", "federalbureaucracy", "checksandbalances"]

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