Crossword Puzzle



  1. Direction of how to weld a joint (weldprocedurespecification)
  2. Chip me (slag)
  3. My edge is weak (undercut)
  4. CFH (flowrate)


  1. Physically melt together (fuse)
  2. Heat to correct temp and join metals by capillary action (brazing)
  3. 7018 (lowhydrogenelectrode)
  4. 7024 (ironpowderelectrode)
  5. Welding joint without backing (openroot)
  6. butt, lap, tee, edge, corner (basicjoints)
  7. non melting electrode heat source (tungsten)
  8. Welding process using tubular wire (fcaw)
  9. Direction of current flow (polarity)
  10. Welders enemy (oxides)
  11. Protects weld pool (flux)
  12. The farther away increases voltage (arclength)


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