Crossword Puzzle

Valentines Day


  1. Milk, dark or filled with caramel. (chocolate)
  2. Write a nice note in this and give it to a loved one. (card)
  3. Always be ———— to everyone. (kind)
  4. Red, pink, or yellow, a perfect gift from the garden. (roses)


  1. Cut and put in water for a pretty decoration. (flowers)
  2. The most special feeling in the world. (love)
  3. Give this to someone to show them you care. (gift)
  4. The best way to spend time. (The opposite of apart) (together)
  5. Pretty white flakes. (snow)

["hug", "candy", "cuddle", "poem", "heart", "help", "letter", "warm", "smile", "happy", "winter"]

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