Crossword Puzzle

Back injury


  1. Overexertion can be an _____ problem. The costs to treat sprains and strains are rising and exceed the average of all cases (expensive)
  2. overexertion is a serious problem and can lead to ____ back pain (chronic)
  3. limit the amount of _____ you carry, and get help to carry heavy, bulky or large loads (weight)
  4. Receive proper training to safely _____ tools and equipment (use)
  5. Begin each ____ with light warm-up exercises and stretching (day)
  6. The most common overexertion injuries are strains and sprains, especially of the lower _____ (back)
  7. At _____, report any discomfort or injury experienced (work)


  1. To protect your back, use ____ lifting techniques such as lifting with your legs and not your back. (proper)
  2. Take short ____ in between strenuous activities - it is important for recovery (breaks)
  3. keep the load being lifted close to the body and make sure your _____ is solid. (stance)
  4. Overexertion injuries can result from a variety of different activities. However, more than _____ result when lifting objects (half)
  5. Overexertion is a non-impact _____ resulting from excessive physical effort in activities such as lifting, lowering, pulling, pushing, turning, holding, and carrying (injury)
  6. Some of the common failures are lifting a load that is too heavy, too ____ or contains a load that shifts (large)
  7. Males are ____ likely than females to experience an injury from overexertion (more)
  8. Keep tools and equipment in good working condition so they require less ____ to use. (effort)

["twist", "avoidable", "consult", "shift"]

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