Crossword Puzzle

Commercial Law 101


  1. Chief Justice of South Africa (mogoengmogoeng)
  2. The Constitutional Court is situated in this town (johannesburg)
  3. One of the official languages of the Republic (tshivenda)
  4. The South African Reserve Bank is the ___________ bank of the Republic (central)
  5. The North West Division of the High Court is situated here. (mahikeng)
  6. Dubisani in the case of S v Dubisani is the name of the ____________. (accused)


  1. One of the state institutions created in Chapter 9 of the Constitution (auditorgeneral)
  2. The part of the Constitution that starts with "We, the people of South Africa" (preamble)
  3. Surname of your Col101 lecturer (vancoller)
  4. Name of the Minister of Finance (tito)
  5. The name of an entity that can acquire rights and duties separate from its members (legalperson)
  6. Code of Corporate Governance Principles (kingcode)
  7. Section 9 of the Constitution deals with this right (equality)
  8. One of the colours of the national flag (gold)
  9. A Regional magistrates’ court may not hear this matter. (treason)

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