Crossword Puzzle



  1. This animal lives in all the oceans and he is usually called the king of the marine predators because he is 7 meters long (greatwhiteshark)
  2. This animal is so aggressive and he can charge you with his horn (bull)
  3. This animal have a lot of hair on his head and is a predator (lion)
  4. This marine animal is so much friendly with humans and you can see him at the zoos doing tricks with his trainer (dolphin)
  5. The people usually have this bird as a pet and this animal can learn the human lenguages and speak it (parrot)


  1. He makes milk (cow)
  2. He have a orange hair with black lines and he is a predator (tiger)
  3. He is grey and is so big and is the most bigger mammal in the world (elephant)
  4. He live at the oceans and seas and he is the longest animal in the world with 31 meters long (bluewhale)
  5. He is 30cm long , he have 8 legs and he can bite you (tarantula)
  6. This animal have similarities with lions and tiger but he isn’t anyone of those and it’s a predator to (puma)
  7. This animal seems to be a mouse but he isn’t a rat or a mouse and the people usually have this animal as a pet (hamster)
  8. This animal don’t have legs and he can grow until 10 meters long (anaconda)

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