Crossword Puzzle

The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe


  1. Tending to inquire or investigate (curious) (inquisitive)
  2. An act intended to trick or deceive (hoax)
  3. Packages (parcel)
  4. Mentally unstable (batty)
  5. A nymph living in the woods (a woods Fairy) (dryad)
  6. To mutter discontent (grumble)


  1. Filled with or showing spite (spiteful)
  2. A purplish pink flower (heather)
  3. A sad or gloomy mood or condition (melancholy)
  4. To seek by or as if by feeling around uncertainly (grope)
  5. Extraordinarily great in size (enormous)
  6. A British word meaning pal or friend (chap)
  7. To be sullenly silent or irritable (to pout) (sulk)
  8. Causing dread or awe (dreadful)

["lull", "vanish"]

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