Crossword Puzzle



  1. separates Africa from Europe (straightofgibraltar)
  2. founded by to Dutch people (capetown)
  3. well known as the democratic republic of the Congo (zaire)
  4. large peninsula that resembles the horn of rhinoceroses (hornofafrica)


  1. largest lake in Africa (lakevictoria)
  2. largest mountain in Africa (mountkilimanjaro)
  3. second largest mountain in Africa (mountkenya)
  4. first civilization (egypt)
  5. longest and second deepest in the world (laketanganyika)
  6. largest river in Webster’s Africa (nigerriver)
  7. largest desert in Africa (sahara)
  8. largest island in Africa (madagascar)
  9. largest country in Africa (algeria)
  10. covers most of eastern Africa (savanna)
  11. Country that lies between Ethiopia and the Indian ocean (somalia)

["suezcanal", "mozambiquechanel", "muslim", "kenyatta", "rwenzorimountains", "easternriftsystem"]

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