Crossword Puzzle

unit 2


  1. blood supply to the brain (cerebrovascularsystem)
  2. relays smell information (olfacotrynerve)
  3. pertaining to the body (somatic)
  4. senstation from face, teeth, mucosal, and tongue (trochlear)
  5. lateral eye muscles (abducens)
  6. sensory (vaugus)
  7. helps (accessory)


  1. group of cell bodies to control background movement and initiation of movement (basalganglia)
  2. initiation of voluntary movement, speech and impulsive behavior (frontallobe)
  3. speech motor planning (brocasarea)
  4. sensory reception reading comprehensions and phonological processing (parietallobe)
  5. auditory and receptive language processing (temporallobe)
  6. process visual information (occipitallobe)
  7. superhighway connects right and left hemisphers via myelinated fibers (corpuscallosum)
  8. Relay station for sensory impulses to the cerebral cortex, Memory Processing (thalmus)
  9. desires (hypothalamus)
  10. smell (olfactorynerve)
  11. carries neural impulses from eye to brain (opticnerve)

["cerebellum", "kinestheic", "specialsense", "oculomotornerve", "facialnerve", "vesibulocochlear", "glossopharyngeal", "hypoglossal"]

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