Crossword Puzzle

Clothes & Fashion


  1. a well-known company that makes (often expensive) clothing (designerlabel)
  2. shoes that you wear for sports or as informal clothing (trainers)
  3. to make a piece of clothing longer/shorter/wider etc. so that it fits (alter)
  4. when clothes or shoes are the correct size and shape, they … (fit)
  5. to look good on someone (suit)
  6. to open something that is fastened, tied or wrapped (undo)


  1. long strip of material to wear round your neck (scarf)
  2. a loose piece of clothing that is worn over pyjamas (dressinggown)
  3. loose soft shoes that you wear in the house (slippers)
  4. the part of a shirt, jacket etc. which goes round your neck (collar)
  5. a part of a piece of clothing that covers all or part of your arm (sleeve)
  6. a piece of metal or plastic used for joining the ends of a belt (buckle)
  7. too old or damaged to use or to wear (wornout)
  8. having no pattern or decoration (plain)

["shoelace", "glove", "bracelet", "fashionable", "match", "baggy", "unfashionable", "oldfashioned", "must-have", "hand-me-downs", "dressup", "second-hand"]

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