Crossword Puzzle

Circulatory / Respiratory Systems


  1. The body system that transports products from the digestive and respiratory systems to the cells (circulatorysystem-)
  2. muscle at the bottom of the chest cavity, helps with breathing (diaphragm-)
  3. A muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body. (heart-)
  4. iron containing protein in red blood cells, carries oxygen for cells (hemoglobin-)
  5. Small cell in the blood that picks up oxygen in the lungs and transports it throughout the body (redbloodcell-)


  1. thin-walled microscopic air sacs that exchange gases (alveoli-)
  2. Vessel that takes blood away from the heart (artery-)
  3. A liquid that moves materials and wastes continuously through the body (blood-)
  4. passages that branch from the trachea, direct air into the lungs (bronchi-)
  5. branches leading off from the bronchi, get progressively smaller (bronchioles-)
  6. Very narrow blood vessel that connects arteries to veins (capillary-)
  7. a flap of tissue that covers the trachea when you swallow (epiglottis-)
  8. deoxygenated red blood cells get oxygen while passing through the lungs (gasexchange-)
  9. the structure in the throat containing the vocal cords, also called the voicebox (larynx-)
  10. the passageway in the back of the throat for air and food (pharynx-)
  11. tube that leads from the larynx into the bronchi, also called the windpipe (trachea-)
  12. Vessel that carries blood back to the heart (vein-)

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