Crossword Puzzle

Alexis Homework


  1. arousing argument, dispute, or disagreement (controversal)
  2. easily set on fire;easily angered or aroused (inflammable)
  3. deadly,extrememly harmful,evil (malignant)
  4. to hurt someones feelings deeply (mortify)
  5. in agreement with established or generally accepted beliefs or ways of doing tings (orthodox)
  6. to run quickly,scamper,hurry (scurry)
  7. soaked with liquid or moisture;expressionless,dull;spiritless,listless (sodden)
  8. having a certain force or effect in fact but not in name (virtual)


  1. a joining together for some common purpose (alliance)
  2. to puzzle completely,confuse (bewilder)
  3. to discourage (dishearten)
  4. not producing the desired results,unsuccessful (fruitless)
  5. unfriendly;unfavorable;warlike,aggresive (hostile)
  6. to give or cause something unpleasent,impose (inflict)
  7. to obtstain through special effort;tobring about (procure)
  8. completely empty;having no legal forceor effect (void)

["buffoon", "spirited", "wayward", "wince"]

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