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Literary Terms


  1. clues that suggest future events (foreshadowing)
  2. character is one-dimensional (flat)
  3. language that appeals to the senses (imagery)
  4. remembering past events (flashback)
  5. feeling created in the reader (mood)
  6. events in a story (plot)


  1. something that stands for something else (symbol)
  2. character changes (dynamic)
  3. character stay the same (static)
  4. character is complex (round)
  5. message revealed about life (theme)
  6. type of characterization in which the author tells you about the character (direct)
  7. author's attitude toward subject (tone)
  8. events that are the opposite of what was expected (irony)
  9. larger division on a play (act)

["indirect", "scene", "setting", "conflict", "narrator"]

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