Crossword Puzzle



  1. scales were found near ___ (3 words) (wallsofmohenjodaro)
  2. worn rings and bracelets (women)
  3. found in lots of ruins (smallseals)
  4. seals are carved with ___ (pictograph)
  5. Bigger than the fortress (lowercity)
  6. Had flat roof and 2 stories high (houses)
  7. where families would gather. (courtyards)
  8. made of hard clay or alabaster (screens)


  1. settled in the Indus valley civilization (mohenjodaro)
  2. one of the cites in the Indus Valley (harappa)
  3. a fortress built to protect a city (citadel)
  4. swept in central Asia and destroyed the civilization (warrior)
  5. a place to store grain (granary)
  6. has workshops and homes (streets)
  7. dirty water went through (drain)
  8. expression (calmandnoble)
  9. flowed along the streets (channels)
  10. sewage emptied in (indusriver)
  11. game originated in India (chess)
  12. old war game people would play (dice)

["weights", "thegreatbath", "stonestatue", "fourhundred", "sewersystem", "dozen", "poorcitizens", "mazesandtracks", "claymodel", "terra-cotta"]

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