Crossword Puzzle

UK Inequality


  1. new benefit replacing 6 others. Blamed for rise in poverty. It's unlike its name suggests! (2,2) (universalcredit)
  2. 1980 report that first linked poverty to tackling ill-health. (black)
  3. UK Govt policy from 2010 to 2018 cutting govt spending including freeze on benefits. (austerity)
  4. increasing factor linked to lots of disease. Lifestyle factor. (obesity)
  5. the Joseph ________ Foundation. (rowntree)
  6. index that measures a country's wealth inequality. (gini)
  7. Give It Up For _______ Dundee based health experiment. (baby)
  8. total amount of money a household can get on benefits. (cap)


  1. the I in HBAI (income)
  2. the D in SIMD. Splits Scotland into 10 deciles richest to poorest! (depravation)
  3. area of Glasgow where male life expectancy was 54. (calton)
  4. the T in NEET (training)
  5. the new name for the NMW. Worth £7.83 for over 25s. (livingwage)
  6. Dr Harry_____ Biology of Poverty chap! (burns)
  7. _______Well. Name of Scottish Government report linking poverty & poor health. (equally)
  8. social_______. describes people's ability to improve their lot in life. (mobility)
  9. the C in CPAG. (child)

["collectivism", "sanction"]

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