Crossword Puzzle

Figurative Devices


  1. Giving life to inanimate objects (7.personification)
  2. To comfort (13.console)
  3. color (14.pigment)


  1. A comparison between two things using like (1.simile)
  2. Life is a stream. (3.mataphor)
  3. Saying something rude or harsh in a kind manner. (4.euphemism)
  4. Reference to a literary or historical work (5.allusion)
  5. A vivid mental picture (6.imagery)
  6. Gross exaggeration (8.hyperbole)
  7. Empty, barren (10.desolate)
  8. Joyful (15.triumphant)
  9. Shade (16.hue)

["9.oxymoron", "12"]

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