Crossword Puzzle

German 1 Crossword Puzzle


  1. Used to capture a moment (fotografieren)
  2. What you write with (kuli)
  3. Instrument used to lock/unlock things (schüssel)
  4. Used to brighten a place up (lampe)
  5. All houses have one of these (adresse)
  6. What you drink (wasser)
  7. What the alphabet is made of (buchstabe)


  1. Where you go 5 out of 7 days in a week (schule)
  2. Something you would prefer over others (lieblings)
  3. Identification (ausweis)
  4. Used to erase pencil markings (radiergummi)
  5. Birthday, Young or Old (alter)
  6. Controlled (ordnung)
  7. What you keep you pencils in (mäppchen)
  8. What you wear on warm summer days (hose)
  9. What you can text or play games on (handy)

["beantworten", "schwimmen", "tafel", "hausaufgabe"]

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