Crossword Puzzle

Energy Crossword


  1. Energy stored in something above the earths surface. (gravitationalenergy)
  2. Energy of movement. (kineticenergy)
  3. A electromagnetic wave of a frequency. (radiowave)


  1. Energy of moving particles. (thermalenergy)
  2. Energy of objects in motion. (mechanicalenergy)
  3. Energy causing push or pull. (magneticenergy)
  4. Energy stored in food/fuel. (chemicalenergy)
  5. Energy stored in objects that stretch. (nuclearenergy)
  6. Energy we can hear. (soundenergy)
  7. Energy we can see. (lightenergy)
  8. Capture of energy by ocean surface waves. (waveenergy)

["potentialenergy", "electricalenergy", "transversewave", "gammarays"]

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