Crossword Puzzle

Great Expectations


  1. book the most like Dickens' life (davidcopperfield)
  2. Herbert calls Pip (handel)
  3. local inn near the forge (blueboar)
  4. Mrs. Joe is related to Pip how (sister)
  5. likes hearing Wemmick's cannon go off every night (theaged)
  6. Herbert and Pip had a lot of wealth, but many ___ followed. (debts)
  7. Pip got what from his benefactor for his twenty-first birthday (banknote)
  8. apprentice to Joe besides Pip (orlick)
  9. format of most Dickens' novels (serial)
  10. number of children Dickens had (ten)


  1. city Charles Dickens born (landport)
  2. lives with the Aged Parent (wemmick)
  3. Place Estella goes to "study abroad" (france)
  4. Mr. Jaggers' housekeeper (molly)
  5. Joe calls Pip in London (sir)
  6. Magwitch's other name that he went by on the prison ship (provis)
  7. Place story begins (churchyard)
  8. Herbert, Trabb’s boy, and ___ saved Pip from Orlick (startop)
  9. Pip bunks with ___ in London (herbertpocket)
  10. city royals, like Queen Victoria, lived (london)
  11. pretty girl Pip met at Miss Havisham's house (estella)
  12. Pip gives the convict a meat pie, brandy, and a ___. (file)
  13. Mr. Jaggers calls Bentley Drummle (spider)

["clara", "socialstatus", "blacksmith", "boz", "jaggers", "waldengarver", "debtorsprison", "marshalsea", "misshavisham", "victoriaqueen", "compeyson", "workhouses", "missskiffins", "rampage", "abelmagwitch", "philippirrip", "criminals", "pleasant", "theghostclub", "hammer", "satishouse", "fight", "money", "catherine", "rochester", "disease", "bentlydrummle"]

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