Crossword Puzzle

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  1. a movie that is awesome for several reasons (multiple words) (itsawonderfullife)
  2. an awesome addition to the Brown household (nest)
  3. someone who will always be part of our relationship for better or worse (gabby)
  4. julia's favorite person (miles)
  5. something a teacher caught us holding (hands)
  6. something that acts similarly to the child of divorced parets (ket)


  1. an activity that usually accompanies music and Harold (laps)
  2. a bad/awesome event in October (incident)
  3. randomly everything is named this (patricia)
  4. some where you can find us at the same time every week (brueggers)
  5. a problem that was confronted very early on in our relationship (tests)
  6. this activity hinders our health but we can't live without (facetime)
  7. so much hoopla over this one place for literally no reason (noodles)
  8. takes us a ridiculous amount of time to say this and mean it (goodnight)
  9. a joke that was taken way too far and had to be banned. But I don't ever regret it. (gatsby)

["puppy", "penwood", "latusrectum", "uglydolls"]

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