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Ancient Israel Vocabulary


  1. teachings that guides the way of life for Jewish people in which they adhere to (tencommandments)
  2. an Israelite ruler who was successful in defeating the Philistines (saul)
  3. an Israelite ruler who popularly united tribes and started a dynasty of Israelite leaders (david)
  4. a rival group of the Israelites who lived near Canaan (philistines)


  1. a form of required payment protection (tribute)
  2. an individual chosen by God to lead the Jewish people to the promise land according to the Torah (abraham)
  3. an individual who led the Jewish people to flee from Egypt during the Exodus time period. Jewish people trace their roots back to this person. (moses)
  4. an agreement and promise between the leader of the Jewish people and God (covenant)
  5. a sacred religious book that contains writings about their God and history about the life of important religious figures such as Abraham (torah)
  6. individuals known as the messengers of God and who spread the teachings of God (prophets)
  7. the time period in which the Israelites left by fleeing Egypt led by Moses (exodus)
  8. the religious belief in only one God (monotheism)
  9. a religion followed by the Jewish people (judaism)
  10. place and region where the Israelites settled which they believed to be the promise land (canaan)

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