Crossword Puzzle



  1. Small airborne particles upon which water vapor condenses to form a cloud (cloud-condensation-nuclei)
  2. Ground level cloud formed of fog with much smoke or other particles (smog)


  1. A huge mass of ice formed by compacted snow that slowly flows over land (glacier)
  2. A floating mass of ice from a glacier (only 10% of its mass is above water) (iceberg)
  3. A concentrated solution of saltwater (brine)
  4. A dense, icy pack of old snow (firn)
  5. The process by which a portion of a glacier breaks off and begins floating in the sea as an iceberg (calving)
  6. Masses of ice that are attached to land and project out into the sea (ice-shelves)
  7. The line between the water-saturated soil and the soil that is not saturated with water (water-table)
  8. The process by which water moves downward in the soil toward the water table (percolation)
  9. The lowest elevation of any body of water on planet Earth; 47 mi long lake between Israel and Jordan (dead-sea)
  10. The moisture content of the air (humidity)
  11. Water that is not pure because it has received industrial or agricultural or human waste (water-pollution)


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