Crossword Puzzle



  1. When you change the vehicle on a reservation that has already started, the "Cancel/Swap at _____" PR will not preserve the original price. Only use when nothing is wrong. (memberrequest)
  2. If a member wishes to have his/her thoughts or suggestions documented, we can enter a "Member _____" PR. (feedback)
  3. When a member reports a cleanliness issue that is not related to pet hair or smoking, we use a _____ cleanliness PR. (general)
  4. If a member reports minor damage and is comfortable _____ the car, make a damage PR but do not block the car. (driving)


  1. When _____ a member, you will be prompted to make or re-categorize a PR. MSC should always do this to any member whom he/she displaces for a reservation coming up within three hours. (reconfirming)
  2. If a member is more than two hours late, this is known as a potential _____. A PR is only necessary if you cannot reach the late member and extend. (conversion)
  3. Use an accident PR to document details of an accident of any damage that occurred _____ a trip. Police MUST be called if the accident involved another person. (during)
  4. If a member is unable to access or _____ at car, be sure to perform all troubleshooting BEFORE blocking the car. (start)
  5. Whether it is for member request or group request, always make an account note when setting an account to _____ at the end of the month. (quit)

["restricted", "successful"]

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