Crossword Puzzle

Anatomy of Human ear


  1. _______are three tubes which are coiled up like a snail's shell at one end. (semicircularcanals)
  2. Visible part of the outer ear. (pinna)
  3. _______ traps dirt and prevents infections. (earwax)


  1. A narrow tube that connects the middle ear to the back of the throat or palate. (eustachian)
  2. The _________ ear consists of the semi-circular canals, the vestibule and the cochlea. (inner)
  3. Vibration of the anvil causes the _________ to vibrate. (stirrup)
  4. The sensation of popping of the ears is the _________ of the eustachian tube allowing air to escape from or to enter the middle ear. (opening)
  5. The semi-circular canals are sensitive to _________ movements and help you to keep your balance. (head)
  6. Vibration of the anvil causes the _________ to vibrate. (stirrup)
  7. This part of the ear is like a hollow cave. (middle)
  8. After sound waves enter the outer ear, they travel through the _______ and make their way to the middle ear. (earcanal)
  9. _______ receives sound waves and turn them into vibrations. (eardrum)

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