Crossword Puzzle

Disease Assessment


  1. Narrowed or blocked blood vessels. This disease can be prevented (cardiovasculardiseases)
  2. blood disease in which the body (hemophilia)
  3. fetal alcohol effects, happens when the pregnant mother consumes alcohol during pregnancy (fasd)
  4. Blood disease in which the body produces defective hemogoblin (sicklecellanemia)


  1. A disease caused by an uncontrolled division of cells (cancer)
  2. When a gene carries incorrect instructions (mutation)
  3. Segments of DNA located on a chromosome that code for a specific hereditary trait (genes)
  4. A large group of unicellular microorganisms that can cause disease (bacteria)
  5. An organism that depends on a host, and deriving it of its nutrients (parasites)
  6. An infective agent that can multiply within the hosts cells (virus)
  7. When the blood flow to a certain spot of the brain is cut off (stroke)
  8. Diseases by abnormal chromosomes or by defective genes inherited from one or both parents (hereditary)
  9. If the immune system does not function properly (immunedisorders)
  10. More than one onset of a disease (complexdisease)
  11. (chromosomaldisease)
  12. Degeneration of brain cells (huntingtons)

["learningdisability", "rheumatoidarthritis", "mentaldisabilities", "autoimmunedisease"]

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