Crossword Puzzle

Drama Concepts


  1. being able to stay focused (concentration)
  2. having different heights in a scene (levels)
  3. tableau scenes require complete.... (silence)
  4. another word for paying attention (focus)
  5. people watching a performance (audience)
  6. arm/hand movements with emotion (gesture)
  7. another word for drama (play)
  8. the story line of a drama (plot)


  1. the name of a frozen scene (tableau)
  2. when the audience can't see you (masking)
  3. ability to create a scene on the fly (improv)
  4. use this to come up with ideas (imagination)
  5. objects sometimes used by actors (props)
  6. showing emotion on your face (expression)
  7. your ideas always need to be.... (appropriate)
  8. the role you take on in a scene (character)
  9. another word for conversation (dialogue)
  10. the part played by an actor (role)
  11. a drama which is funny (comedy)

["participation", "tragedy", "voice"]

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