Crossword Puzzle



  1. manufacturing and packing system. (endoplasmicreticulum)
  2. is the digestive enzymes in a cell. (lysosome)
  3. gel like substance that fills the cells with living organisms. (cytoplasm)
  4. helps move the liquids and material (cilia)


  1. provide a structure for the body, take nutrients from food and turns it in to energy. (cell)
  2. helps in there on way contributes by helping the cell function. (organelle)
  3. has membrane-bond nucleus, also has many more membrane-bond organelles. (eukaryote)
  4. cells with genetic material and cell chemicals in the cell wall. (prokaryote)
  5. the power house of the cell. (mitochondria)
  6. protect the cell from its surrounding. (cellmembrane)
  7. to give the cell strength. (cellwall)
  8. contains the most of the cells genetic material. (nucleus)
  9. makes protein for the cell. (ribosome)
  10. absorbs sunlight and found only in sun light. (chloroplast)
  11. packaging and process proteins. (golgiapparatus)


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