Crossword Puzzle

World History A Final Exam Review Crossword


  1. Peter the Great’s desire for a warm water port and his desire to modernize Russia are examples of what? (westernization)
  2. The Five Pillar of Islam that involves a trip to Mecca (hajj)
  3. Group of people blamed for poisoning wells and causing the Plague (jews)
  4. Kilwa was one of these, a small independent country, that usually consists of a single city (city-state)
  5. primary goal of the Crusades was the capture of what city? (jerusalem)
  6. Which body ocean did the Columbian Exchange cross? (5.2.1) (atlantic)


  1. What helped spread both Islam through Africa and Buddhism through Asia? (trade)
  2. The sect of Islam that believes all rulers should be descended from Muhammad (shia)
  3. geographic feature that prevented the spread of Islam farther South into Africa (saharadesert)
  4. describes the stabilizing effects of the conquests of the Mongol Empire (paxmongolica)
  5. What religion did the Mughal Empire introduce into India? (5.3.3) (islam)
  6. The first West African Kingdom to grow rich from the Gold and Salt trade (ghana)
  7. Trade item available from China, encouraged trade with the West (hint trade route is named after it) (silk)
  8. Europeans justified taking Native American lands because they did not believe in what religion? (christianity)
  9. What religion did the Mughal Empire introduce into India? (5.3.3) (islam)

["confucianism", "reconquista", "europe", "monsoon"]

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