Crossword Puzzle



  1. acronym for SDS (safetydatasheets)
  2. you do this to your eyes (with water) for 15 min. if chemical contact (flush)
  3. (2 words) used for euthanasia of rodents (carbondioxide)
  4. eye protection must be worn when this type of hazard is present (splash)
  5. abbreviation for Joint Safety Office (jso)


  1. all chemicals must have this on container (label)
  2. symbol with fire indicates chemical is __ (flammable)
  3. NEVER mix ammonia and ___ together (bleach)
  4. type of table that pulls fumes away from user - necropsy area (downdraft)
  5. what is needed for attaching gloves to sleeves when working with acid? (tape)
  6. first contact person if you or coworker has chemical exposure (supervisor)
  7. wash this with soap and water if chemical exposure occurs (skin)
  8. this may occur if dry ice is sealed into a container without ventilation (explosion)
  9. absorbent material, such as papertowel or bedding, may be used to clean up a ___ spill (small)
  10. a chemical fume ___ exhaust air away from user to outside of building (hood)

["secured", "drain"]

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