Crossword Puzzle

Unit 7 - Small Bodies


  1. numerous small, icy objects orbiting in outer part of Solar System beyond the orbit of Neptune. (transneptunianobject)
  2. vast region in which comet nuclei orbit and lies far beyond the orbit of Neptune (oortcloud)


  1. meteorite lacking chondrules, associated with larger bodies whose gravity and internal heating has caused them to differentiate (achondrite)
  2. small, rocky, solid body orbiting the Sun ranging in diameter from few meter to hundreds of kilometers (asteroid)
  3. region between orbits of Mars and Jupiter where most of Solar System's asteroids are located (asteroidbelt)
  4. meteorite containing small spherical grains called chondrules (chondrite)
  5. small body in orbit around Sun consisting of tiny, icy core and tail of gas and dust (tail forms when comet is near the Sun). (comet)
  6. gaseous atmosphere surrounding the head of a comet (coma)
  7. comet tail containing dust that reflects sunlight (dust from comet tail is expelled from nucleus of comet). (dusttail)
  8. stream of ionized particles evaporated from a comet and swept away from the Sun by the solar wind. (iontail)
  9. region where some comets come from and appears to extend from orbit of Neptune past Pluto (kuiperbelt)
  10. outflow of low-density, hot gas from the Sun's upper atmosphere and creates the tail of a comet (solarwind)

["meteor", "meteorite", "meteoroid", "meteorshower"]

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