Crossword Puzzle



  1. kindness (benevolence)
  2. sadness with no obvious reason (melancholy)
  3. you must __ from smoking at hospitals (refrain)
  4. his __ led to his downfall as director (hubris)
  5. she’s an __; she can’t sleep (insomniac)
  6. “I’m __ sorry for your loss” (profoundly)


  1. despite issues, she had a __ smile (sanguine)
  2. she gave me a __ glance to tell me to be quiet (sidelong)
  3. he __ her talent at the school’s talent show (discerned)
  4. to send out (dispatch)
  5. silly and pointless (fatuous)
  6. flaw that spoils appearance (blemish)
  7. a __ of spiders came out of the old room (swarm)
  8. he spoke with a flat __, never changing his tone (affect)
  9. wrapped loosely (draped)
  10. he always __ around because of his heavy size (lumbers)
  11. there’s a lot of dramatic __ in Romeo and Juliet (irony)

["bamboozle", "cumulative", "dejected", "brisk", "integrity", "indignation", "bleak", "aloofness", "perpetually", "imminent", "apprehend", "emulated", "collective", "harbored", "hoax", "relentless", "complied", "liable", "affluent", "maimed", "gauche", "flabby", "facade"]

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