Crossword Puzzle

Who is it? How Well Did you Listen at the Staff Retreat?


  1. Is a certified welder. (cassandra)
  2. Was a shipwreck diver. (john)
  3. Is a certified animal seamen specialist. (suzanne)
  4. The snuggle monster. (shawn)
  5. Is a photographer. (robina)
  6. Loves to run. (charmaine)
  7. A 3x national lacrosse champion. (steven)
  8. Is an artist, loves to paint. (julie)
  9. Wanted to be a dentist. (jeremy)
  10. Is the youngest of 4 kids. (jackie)
  11. Is a single digit golfer. (sharon)


  1. Played the flute in a band. (sandra)
  2. Is growing his hair for cancer. (martin)
  3. Is an energy healer. (ruth)
  4. Has a 4 year old and a 17 year old. (angie)
  5. Tried out as a NHL referee. (kevin)
  6. Reads books backwards. (eugene)
  7. Her daughter was named in the top 40 under 40. (leah)
  8. Expert in Chinese astrology. (bonnie)
  9. Appears calm, secret stresses. (andrew)
  10. Has a 4 year old and a 17 year old. (angie)

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