Crossword Puzzle

Chp.9 Crossword


  1. A key constitutional principle that divides the functions of government among three branches to prevent any one branch from gaining to much power. (separationofpowers)
  2. Trade and other business dealings between two or more states. (interstatecommerce)


  1. The Idea that government's authority comes from the people. (popularsovereignty)
  2. The Lawmaking part of government. (legislativebranch)
  3. The part of the government, consisting of the supreme court, that interprets the laws. (judicialbranch)
  4. The power of the supreme court to decide whether laws and acts are constitutional. (judicialreview)
  5. The system that allows each branch of government to limit the powers of the other two branches. (checksandbalances)
  6. The constitutional system that shares power between the national and state governments. (federalism)
  7. The basic principle of democracy that says laws are passed by majority vote and elections are decided by the majority of voters. (majorityrule)
  8. An organization that actively promotes the view of some part of the public on specific issues in order to influence government policy. (interestgroups)

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