Crossword Puzzle

Work, Power & Understanding Machines


  1. the number of times a machine increases a force exerted on it (mechanicaladvantage)
  2. a push or pull exerted on an object (force)
  3. a device that changes the amount of force exerted, the distance over which a force is exerted, or the direction in which force is exerted (machine)


  1. the unit of power when one joule of work is done in one second (watt)
  2. the rate at which one form of energy is transformed into another (power)
  3. the force exerted on an object by a machine (outputforce)
  4. a unit of measure that equals the force required to accelerate 1 kilogram of mass at 1 meter per second (newton)
  5. the amount of work you do when you exert a force of 1 newton to move an object a distance of 1 meter (joule)
  6. the force exerted on a machine (inputforce)
  7. the attractive force between objects; the force that moves objects downhill (gravity)
  8. The percentage of the input work that is converted to output work (efficiency)

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