Crossword Puzzle

vocab 11


  1. conflicting, unable to agree or compromise (irreconcilable)
  2. performed as a routine duty (perfunctory)
  3. to make less server (mitigate)
  4. to think deeply about something (ruminate)
  5. applause from audience (plaudit)


  1. to combine or blend (synthesize)
  2. a group of individuals combined to promote common interest (syndicate)
  3. not naturally made, artificially produced (synthetic)
  4. beyond remedy, unable to atone for (irredeemable)
  5. genuine, real, and authentic (bonafide)
  6. stylish, confident, and gracious (debonair)
  7. refuse to accept or be associated with (authority) (repudiate)
  8. to register as a student at a college or university (matriculate)
  9. worthy of praise and honor (laudable)


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