Crossword Puzzle

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  1. Aims or targets that the business works towards (businessobjective)
  2. They put in capital to set up and expand the business, and will take a share of the profit if the business makes success (owner)
  3. They are the ones who control the work of the workers. (managers)
  4. They are the ones who provide financial support for business operations and expect the business to pay interest one the capital rented. (banks)


  1. Is the main objective of a business when the economy is moving in recession (survival)
  2. Sales revenue less total costs (profit)
  3. A sum of money paid to the shareholder regularly out of the company's profits (dividend)
  4. A business objective when it wants to open up new possibilities and spread the risk, or when the business wants to obtain cost advantage - called economies of scale (growth)
  5. The proportion of the total market sales achieved by one business (marketshare)
  6. Has social objectives and aim to make a profit for reinvesting (socialenterprise)
  7. Any person with direct interest in the performance of the business (stakeholder)
  8. They are employees in a business and their main objective is job security. (workers)

["consumer", "government", "community"]

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