Crossword Puzzle

Terms in xG


  1. Invoice each individual retail (inxglinear.hardregionsinvoiceasasingleunitforasinglerate.softregions)


  1. The "unused" report (logtimesreport)
  2. Smallest traffic measurement for a sellable area, and is uniquely identified by a sys code (retailunit)
  3. The CSL (spottimesreport)
  4. Cannot be placed together in one break (bookends)
  5. One of the Inventory Types (default)
  6. The Interactive verification type (autoverify)
  7. The abbreviation for the Bill Cycle used for Calendar Billing in xG (eof)
  8. One of the MG Types (bmg)
  9. Where non scheduled or failed spots are reported (dsr)
  10. What is a hard region (interconnect)
  11. The category of product or service that represents the advertiser (Auto-Domestic) (commodity)
  12. Automatically schedules ad units for five or thirteen weeks, users can view a job summary in an active process in a status bar menu (dynamicscheduler)
  13. Is a web based reporting server where Traffic, Sales, and Finance users can set report jobs or subscriptions (eclipseweb)
  14. A user action to reconcile an airtime with an unverified ad unit (forcematch)
  15. Is an allocation setting used to define scheduling areas and restrictions for certain lines of (inventorytype)
  16. Represents a grouping of multiple retail units or headends; setting can be designated as hard or soft (region)
  17. is the xG Linear module used to view and manage ad unit placement into schedules, menu (scheduleviewer)
  18. Ad units that are not currently scheduled in Schedule Viewer breaks (unplacedadunits)
  19. Are ad units that are attached to billable aired time stamps (verifiedadunits)

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