Crossword Puzzle

word wall words


  1. method used to influence others. (persuasivetechnique)
  2. message about life. (theme)
  3. in your own words (paraphrase)


  1. follow its reasoning (trace)
  2. deside weather it makes senses or is convincing . (evaluate)
  3. something that stands for or represents something else. (symbol)
  4. details used to desccribe using your senses . (sensorydetails)
  5. language that is not literally true. (figurativelanguage)
  6. dictionary meaning of a word . (denotation)
  7. the idea and feelings associated with a word beyond it's dictionary definition. (connotation)
  8. statement that addresses opposing view points. (counterargument)
  9. uses words with strong positive or negative connotation (loadedlanguage)

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