Crossword Puzzle

To Kill A Mocking Bird


  1. to find out definitely (ascertaining)
  2. not legally permitted or authorized (illicitly)
  3. to keep alive or in existence (preserve)
  4. a temporary stay (sojourn)
  5. reverence for God (piety)
  6. wakefulness from inability to sleep (vigil)


  1. showing or expressing disdain (contemptuous)
  2. something that has a real existence (entity)
  3. hazy, vague, indistinct, (nebulous)
  4. lacking or having lost life, sharpness (vapid)
  5. tending to argument or strife (contentious)
  6. to make milder or less severe (assuaged)
  7. a brother or sister (sibling)

["ingenious", "caricature", "aberration", "adjacent", "perpetrated", "provocation", "tentatively"]

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