Crossword Puzzle

NS TERM 1 Number 1


  1. the process by which plants gain energy from water. (photosynthesis)
  2. Substances such as sugar or starch,which provides the body with energy. (carbohydrates)
  3. Cover with a material,usually plastic,to make wire safe. (insulate)
  4. A chemical element which is present in teeth, bones and chalk. (calcium)
  5. Any of the group of natural substances which are necessary in small amounts for the growth and good health of the body. (vitamins)
  6. An invasion of the body by a contamination organism in a bodily part or tissue which may cause damage. (infection)
  7. Something used as a colouring matter,pigment or dye. (colourants)


  1. A white sugar found in plant and animal tissue. (glucose)
  2. A colourless oudourless gas that does not burn. (carbondioxide)
  3. A colourless , odourless gaseous element in the atmoshere. (oxygen)
  4. The correct amount of food intake of the various food groups for a given person. (balanceddiet)
  5. The cells and tissues in the body which make it able to protect itself against infection. (immunesystem)
  6. A sweet substance especially from the plants sugar cane and sugar beet. (sugar)
  7. A food group,particularly important for the growth and development of cells. (proteins)
  8. A substance used to give something else,such as food a better taste. (flavourants)

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