Crossword Puzzle

NF Chap. 4.1 - Mechanical and Chemical Weathering


  1. Pressure release causes rock __________, where layers or sheets of rock break off. (exfoliation)
  2. Breaking up of rocks by physical forces - __________ weathering (mechanical)
  3. One type of mechanical weathering, called ice __________, where water gets into cracks of rocks and expands. (wedging)
  4. When water touches some minerals, these minerals __________ in the water. (dissolve)
  5. Rocks with a greater __________ area will weather faster. (surface)


  1. The process by which natural forces break down rocks. (weathering)
  2. Another word for the process that breaks rocks down into smaller pieces on the surface of the Earth. (erosion)
  3. Weathering & erosion create __________, or loose material, which forms into sedimentary rock. (sediments)
  4. This rock forms from molten rock cooling. (igneous)
  5. Acid __________ is rain produced by water mixing with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This rain makes minerals dissolve faster. (rain)
  6. Air pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide make acid rain more __________. (acidic)
  7. When iron gets wet, oxygen in the air reacts with it. The iron turns red and gets weaker. This is called __________. (rusting)
  8. Many common minerals contain __________, so these minerals rust and make rocks smaller and weaker. (iron)
  9. Weathering takes a very __________ time. Most weathering takes place over hundreds to __________ of years. (long)

["metamorphic", "pressure", "onion", "growth", "abrasion", "friction", "chemical", "climate"]

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